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ORDER a Publishing Phenomenon at FILBO 2022

April 28th, 2022

Bogotá, Colombia - The Albán Brothers' creation, ORDER, has claimed the title of the most successful independent comic of 2022 at FILBO (Bogotá International Book Fair).

The highly anticipated launch of issues #2 and #3 took place during the event, organized by the Colombian Chamber of Books and Corferias.

With a massive turnout of approximately half a million attendees, ORDER achieved remarkable success by selling 1,000 copies. The series has become a publishing phenomenon, garnering attention from major media outlets such as Canal Capital, Señal Colombia, America en Noticias, CityTV, and DalePlay.

The Albán Brothers, who are now at the Colombian comic scene vanguard alongside entrepreneurs like the García Brothers of Ave Negra Cómics and Iván Chacón of Mano de Obra Comics, bear the responsibility of paving the way for new and diverse stories to be told.


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