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ORDER saga

ORDER is a fictional saga INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS, where two identical twin brothers decide to DEFY the emperor and embark on an ADVENTURE to find their long-lost mother mother, 15 years after being cruelly SEPARATED from her and EXILED from their home planet. If you want to read the first pages for free, please click here.


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Witness the impact

Over 10,000 Readers

In just 18 months, over 10,000 readers have joined this incredible saga, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Every written and illustrated panel has left a mark on the hearts of our readers, showcasing the inspiring power of this project. Moreover, its impact has transcended the comic book pages, influencing the way talented artists in the country write and publish their own works. With each new follower, the bond between the story and those who have embraced it strengthens, creating a legacy that will endure for eternity

“ORDER is a thrilling journey through these two ingenious minds, whose debut promises a bright future in the world of comics.”

- Keco Olano, Illustrator of “Fugitivos”, “Kaópolis”, and the saga “Los Últimos Días sobre la Tierra” written by Mario Mendoza.

"Fiction, adventure, and social memory! Without a doubt, ORDER is the contemporary epic saga that will captivate audiences, with a profoundly Latin American story and visually powerful narrative."

- Julian Sanchez, Co-founder of Dinamita Animación.

"Without any exaggeration, this deluxe edition stands out as one of the best in the history of 'national' comics."

- Diego Cárdenas, researcher and member of the international network PACE.

"Each page is a perfect example of image usage with its appealing framing, layout, innovative perspectives, and even the rhythm in the text panels, turning ORDER into a cinematic masterpiece."

- Luis Suescún, author of the “Relatos Macabros” horror trilogy.

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"A touching and thrilling story combined with atmospheric illustrations and good graphic design that can truly immerse you in the universe of ORDER, making you float in outer space."

- Iván Chacón, illustrator of “Puberman”, “Vein” and “Orlando the Clown”.

Happy Readers

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