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Free Newsletter "3 in 1" for Writers

Feb, 2023

The Albán Brothers, authors of the comic book series ORDER, have just released a free newsletter for writing enthusiasts of books, movies, video games, and comics.

«We had the idea to create the newsletter after 2 years in the comic scene in Colombia. We found a bunch of problems» says one of the twins, while the other one completes his words, «one of them, perhaps the most important, is that there is no foundation in the industry. We found a lack of educational and cultural infrastructure.» It's worth noting that the Albán brothers positioned themselves at the forefront against all expectations in the country and in record time. «We don't like to talk about things we lack in Colombia; instead, we like to talk about things we must achieve together with all artists.» «We lack voices we can listen to, distribution channels, and curated content that appeals to a larger audience, not just niche stories about mythology “andina” and endemic horror.» «Not because they are not important, but because in the last 100 years, it hasn't taken us very far.» «This doesn't mean we should stop doing what we love, but rather do it differently.»

The idea behind the twins creating this free weekly newsletter, is to share with their community the experiences they have learned after writing series and movies for Studio C, pitching to Emmy, Oscar winners at the academy, and publishing a phenomenon that has become the top-selling graphic novel in the country.

«A writer is not someone who happens to have a published book. A writer is someone who dedicates himself to writing. Who studies his profession. Today we need writers who study the craft. Because doing it is tedious, boring, and not easy at all.» «We created a newsletter where in one hand we could break down the concepts, do the hard work ourselves, and in the other hand deliver something simple short and concise, something that can be easily taught to help others create their first work or improve the next one.»

The newsletter is an educational bulletin aimed at delivering to its subscribers every Tuesday 1 writing concept, 1 movie recommendation, and 1 exercise with a practical example.

"It's like the university we never had," proclaims one of the twins.


Newsletter "3 in 1"

"Tell powerful and commercially successful stories with practical insights."


Every Tuesday, you will receive our "3 in 1" newsletter with 1 writing concept, 1 movie recommendation, and 1 exercise with a practical example. We cover a wide range of knowledgeable topics from concept to execution.


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