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Albán Brothers Make Comic History at Sofa2023

October, 2023

A groundbreaking move by the Albán Brothers in 100 years of Colombian Comic History

In a groundbreaking move for the Colombian comic scene, the Albán Brothers took a giant leap forward by becoming the first in 100 years of Colombian comic history to construct a life-sized diorama featuring characters from a graphic work.

During the event held at Corferias in October 2023, the twins released the final two issues, #7 and #8, of their graphic novel ORDER. This raises a question among the artist community: whether the twins were merely fortunate or if opportunities can truly be achieved in niche markets within Latin America. According to them, they have embraced a spanish motto "en mi hambre mando yo" (In my hunger, I rule) which ultimately means, as they say <<there is no such thing as an unattainable dream>>. They believe that a person only falls slightly short of where they aspire to be.

Sofa, known as the Salon of Leisure and Fantasy, is an annual fair for hobbies and entertainment held in Bogotá, Colombia. It attracts 200,000 attendees from various communities involved in video games, science fiction, role-playing and strategy games, comics, fantasy literature, manga, anime, and cosplay.

Now, fans eagerly await a second installment from the twins, who are currently engaged in giving talks and consultations, with the burning question on everyone's mind: When will ORDER II arrive?


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