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2024 – Mar 12 – Final Twist


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Final Twist

March 12, 2024

Writing Concept

  • What is it about?

Final Twist suggests selecting a piece of material, whether it's a movie, book, comic, or video game, and replacing the ending of the story with an alternative one.

Providing an ending that rewards the protagonist is necessary but not sufficient. The goal is to achieve a reward for both the hero and the viewer.

  • What is it for? 

By discovering and exploring different creative possibilities for the same idea, you'll acquire the ability to develop good endings and twists for your own stories.

Remember that having a clear ending to a story will give you a purpose and a direction, both for yourself and for your main character/hero.

Exercise & Practical Example

In this instruction, you should:

  1. Choose a story that doesn't leave you satisfied.

  2. Review the ending 3 or 4 times.

  3. Outline the original ending.

  4. Outline an alternative new ending.

Here's an example of the exercise done by us:

“Uncharted”, 2022 – Movie Alternative Ending by Albán Brothers, March 2024

NOTE: Spoilers ahead.

  • Original Ending:

The mercenary betrays the hand who feeds.

In Uncharted, we are introduced to Santiago Montaca, played by Antonio Banderas, who is the rightful heir to a great Spanish treasure. To prove its existence and obtain it, he went as far as to murder his own father.

As the story unfolds, one of his mercenaries, Braddock, played by Tati Gabrielle, in a desperate and unnecessary act, decides to kill Santiago Moncada, the man who has led her and the mercenaries to the treasure, without warning or a greater motive than to get money herself. She assumes leadership of the mercenaries without objection even though if the treasure indeed does not exist, Santiago Moncada was the one paying for their services.

The gold is distributed on two ancient ships, so the mercenaries decide to load each onto a different cargo helicopter.

The heroes (Nathan and Sullivan/more like villains) flee in one of the cargo helicopters with part of the gold. Braddock decides to pursue them because she wants the entire gold for herself. During the chase, Braddock's helicopter and men are destroyed.

Braddock survives “again” and climbs onto Nathan and Sullivan's helicopter via a rope to get the remaining gold. She drops the ship's anchor, which catches onto an underground rock and prevents the helicopter from moving forward.

The heroes decide to let go of the gold along with Braddock's life to survive, winning the battle but losing the gold.

  • Alternative Ending:

The rightful heir saves the legacy.

Santiago Moncada finally discovers the treasure he had long claimed existed and dedicated his life to finding, even committing horrible acts that dehumanized him.

The heroes/villains (Nathan and Sullivan) arrive and steal part of the treasure. Moncada and his mercenaries pursue them.

During the pursuit, Moncada’s ship is engulfed in flames, consuming half his men. The remaining crew, along with Moncada, manage to board the second ship and let go of the anchor and prevent the helicopter from advancing, thus saving the treasure. But their victory is short-lived when they face treacherous waters. 

Caught in a violent storm, the ship is battered by fierce winds and crashing waves. With the anchor dragging along the seabed, threatening to capsize the vessel, Moncada faces a critical decision: To save himself by stealing the remaining helicopter or the treasure and his men.

Moncada commands Nathan and Sullivan to take care of his family legacy as he plunges into the raging waters, securing the anchor and allowing the ship to navigate safely at the cost of his own life. 

In the aftermath, Moncada's heroic act is honored as the treasure is recovered and displayed in a museum. His sacrifice ensures that his legacy lives on, remembered as a noble leader who gave his life for his crew and their quest for riches, including Nathan and Sullivan who were both part of the exploration.

Movie Recommendation.

  • "A Few Good Men" 1992: During a military trial, a young Navy lawyer risks his career to uncover the truth about a murder.

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